update on squire

Update on squire

Dear friends,

I was planning on being able to resume my schedule on a somewhat limited basis around the time of my birthday in April.  Well here it is the middle of April and I am not ready to go.  I'm very disappointed.  I was looking forward to being in services and worshiping together in music and praise to our blessed Lord Jesus with many of you, my dear friends.   It seems that we are at a change point in our life and ministry.  It is good to know that our God never changes. He may change in how that He deals with us; but He is still changeless in His attributes. I don't always know what God is doing; however, I am glad that (Rom. 8:28) is true.  After open-heart surgery and 4 by-passes the first of December, I had it all figured out (I thought). However; I can hardly walk to the mailbox and back. I will continue to be in touch with you through our website and Facebook as to our travel itinerary. Linda and I are taking it a month at a time. We are putting the coach on the market and without the convenience of it to travel in, it will certainly impact the time we spend on the road. There are so many new restrictions for the coach required by the DOT that we cannot afford to stay up to date with them. It was by far the largest expense even though it served us well as a travel vehicle for many years. May I remind you that we still need money to keep everything operating. In addition to our needs, Ms. Nancy is working 2 days a week to help keep things going. Also Bro. Mark Meadows is in charge of our Facebook site. We are so thankful for Bro. Mark. I am also continuing to work on the devotion from Psalms, so as you pray for us and God speaks to your heart, please help us in addition to your prayers, your financial support is needed too as we strengthen the body of Christ and try to reach the lost with the glorious gospel story.